Security check
  • Telephone Inquiry
    Dial the number (4000130393)on anti-counterfeiting labels with landline or mobile phone,and input 16 anti-counterfeiting digits according to the voice prompts for inquiry.
  • SMS Inquiry
    Text 16 anti-counterfeiting digits and send to 106695882108 for inquiry.
  • Internet Inquiry
    Reminder:each anti-counterfeiting code can only be inquiried for one time. Inquiry for the second time (or several times)can be notified that the anti-counterfeiting code has been inquiried(anti-counterfeiting code is effective,but it has been inquiried).
Deactivation Notice on old version of anti-counterfeiting inquiry
A new version of anti-counterfeiting system has been activated(Hotline 4000130393)since 1st of October 2012,while the previous one out of use from 1st of August 2014.
Anti-counterfeiting Introduction

FUYAO is the monopoly trademark for auto-accessories in Mainland China.

Since 1st of November 2008,Fuyao Group has attached its unique anti-counterfeiting identification to all auto-accessories like laminated and windshield products.

In order to maintain the market orders and secure the benefits of Fuyao's and customers',we've made joint efforts with anti-counterfeiting company to launch a high-tech anti-counterfeiting product with laser holographic lithography. Since 1st of November 2008,all Fuyao subsidiaries have attached this unique anti-counterfeiting identification to all auto-accessories like laminated and windshield products.The components of anti-counterfeiting label are of three parts:
Registered trademark for glasses
It consists of facular lattice displaying different visual effects of 3-D fonts from different angles.
Anit-counterfeiting Code
Fuyao provides each product a unique identification number,so the customer can trace its authenticity through our anti-counterfeiting system.
Inquiry Hotline
Please refer to the detailed inquiries

The combination of the
label with the product:

Anti-counterfeiting product requires high technology to put the anti-counterfeiting label between 2 pieces of glass and 1 film during production. Despite of its easily-recognized features,the anti-counterfeiting product is difficult to produce and to be imitated. The anti-counterfeiting label is located in the lower right corner (seen from inside the car),which doesn't effect the appearance of glasses and navigation vision. Image Left:indication of label's position on glass
The monitor center has conducted heat and radiation resistance experiences on laminated glasses with anti-counterfeiting labels,the results show:1)anti-counterfeiting labels do not effect the heat and radiation resistance of laminated glasses;2)the material of anti-counterfeiting labels pass these two tests without any changes.
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