Shareholders and creditors
  • To firstly introduce the independent director system in China
    To supervise company's standard operation by its perfected corporative management structure

    To specify the rights and liabilities between shareholders,board of directors,board of supervisors and management for their own function performance,mutual constraint and balance,and independent operation. Under the board of directors there are strategic development committee,audit committee,nomination committee,and compensation and performance assessment committee to promote our standard operation.

  • To establish an sound internal control system
    To prevent operational risks

     Through the establishment,development and implementation of the effective internal control system which is based on the corporation law,securities law,accountancy law,internal control standards ,SSE internal control guidelines for listed companies,and other relevant laws and regulations and normative documents,we're conducting the production operation and management activities under the rules and within standards. This will help us to prevent operational risks and secure company's assets,as well as to ensure the genuiness,accuracy,integrity of the financial report and the disclosed information.

  • To fullfill the obligation of information disclosure seriously
    To treat all investors in a fair manner

     To communicate closely with investors through institutional investors meetings,investors' field researchs,responses to investors' calls,chairman reception days,shareholders on-line voting,etc. Information disclosure is always conducted in an open, fair and impartial manner. We're guaranteeing the genuineness, accuracy, integrity and timeliness of disclosed information. Besides all information is disclosed nonselectively to fully guarantee all investors' right to know.

  • To emphasize on investors' dividend return
    To realize more dividend than fund-raising

    Since June 1993 when Fuyao went public,there were more dividend than fun-raising. In recent 3 years(2012-2014),the aggregate net profit has reached 5.66207 billion. The aggregate cash dividend distributed to investors has reached 3.50523 billion(which occupies 61.91% of the aggregate net profit).
  • Abiding by the contract and valuing creditability
    Securing the rights of creditors

     During the operating decision making,Fuyao values the security of creditors' legal rights and interests. We're strictly fullfilling our obligations with creditors according to the contract during daily operations. Abiding by the contract and valuing creditability,We're reporting the related important information in time. Meanwhile we've established a good cooperative relationship with financial institutions. Through all these methods,the win-win situation for benefits of shareholders' and creditors' can be achieved.

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