Customers and consumers
Responsibility For Customer

In the aspect of responsibility for consumer,we are adhering to the policy of product quality and customer service --- Quality First,Efficiency First, Customer First,Credibility First,Service First.

Product Quality Management


Regulatory Level
1.To strengthen supplier management and to increase their quality management capability by assigning specialists to conduct audits and tutoring sessions on suppliers periodically;2.To strengthen process quality control through establishment and implementation of control plans for product and process;3.To verify the conformance of products by establishment of final products inspection and  type test mechanism;4.Through the quick feedback mechanism on quality problems,we're able to communicate the existing problems during production in time and make improvements.

Technology Level
1.We've established ISO/TS16949 quality management system which is running effectively and continuously;2.We're emphasizing on process control with priority of prevention,and elimination of various possibilities causing defects through technology improvement and procedure optimization;3.We've set up teams for continuous improvement of product quality and to exceed customers' expectation.

Product Service

With an extensive network of sales and services,we're able to deliver our quality products to customer within 24 hours of quick response. For defects,we'll compensate you for the same products and guarantee its normal functions;If it causes you other losses,e.g. injury,property damage,we'll arrange a negotiation with you first;If that doesn't apply,the dispute will be resolved through legal channels according to government's laws and regulations regarding product quality.

Customer Complaint Service

 In order to guarantee the feedbacks of quality problem can be solved efficiently and timely as well as to improve customer satisfaction,we've drafted provisions for customer complaints. In principle,dealing with customer complaint should follow the rule 1-3-7,which is:within one working day upon receiving complaint,contact with customer should be initiated to get the whole frame of the situation,then an emergency plan should be attached;within 3 working days,a preliminary findings including validated provisional measures should be provided;within 7 working days,an official survey report including the statement of current progress and rectification directions from now on should be provided. If the customer has specific requirement regarding response time,then it will be carried out as customers require.
Customer and related parties are the foundation where an enterprise can grow efficiently and sustainably. Based on adequate feedbacks,we've taken all parties' interests into full consideration in the aspect of quality decision making. We're promising to comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as to secure the rights and interests of end-users.

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