Responsibility Summary
Fuyao Group has adopted the concept of“self-development while benefiting the world”as its social responsibility. Since its establishment,we've started with the vision of making our pieces of glass for Chinese and striving for the most competitive position of our professional auto-glass businesses worldwide. By adhering to the core value of“diligence,simplicity,learning,innovation”and the strategic guideline of “independence,application & development,openness & tolerance”,we have grown from a few bungalows to the leading auto-glass provider both in China and abroad.
Fuyao Group has always exert itself for the goal of “being the loyal partner for customers, the fine example in global industry,the best employer,and the trusted brand”With self-deploitation and development,we are taking actions to reciprocate the society and to protect the environment;Meanwhile,we are devoting ourselves to charity projects and taking social responsibilities actively to realize the integration of economic and social benefit and to achieve the harmony between company and society development furthermore.

    Our goal is to be the best employer for our staff around the world. Cao Dewang once said:An enterprise is built on human,which is the fundamental one among all enterprise elements. The key is human and our insistence on humanism. During decades of operation and management practices,we've insisted on human-orientation and strived for harmonious and win-win labor relations.
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    From a grain of sand to a piece of glass,from saving a piece of paper to a Kwh of power,from recycling every drop of water to increasing material utilization... Every procedure and every occupation is within the scope of energy conservation and emission reduction.
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    Every accomplishment takes aspiration and determination,so does charity. Charity is not exclusive to the rich but requires everyone to participate actively. The ultimate goal is to achieve harmonious development of society. Poverty groups are not necessarily short of money,they can be lack of affection,understanding,or a solution. As long as everyone is living a fine life,he can pay attention to the social development and the needs of people around,there will be a harmonious society and prosperous charity.
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    Adhering to the principle of product quality and customer service --- Quality First,Efficiency First, Customer First,Credibility First,Service First.
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    Establishing an impeccable internal control system to prevent empirical risks;Fullfilling obligation of information disclosure seriously and treating all investors in a fair manner;Emphasizing on investors' dividend return to guarantee more dividend than fund-raising;Abiding by the contract and valuing creditability to effectively secure the rights of creditors. In 2013,the contribution value of Fuyao stock is 2.51 RMB per share by taking a comprehensive consideration of tax payment,staff cost,and charity donation.
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